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Board Rules

1. No nudity - glamour is okay in the adult room but if it would be too risque for Page 3 of the Sun, it is too risque for here.
2. No excessive swearing
3. No Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
4. No offensive or inappropriate avatars, pictures, signatures or any other offensive pictures
5. Make sure your post is in the right forum - footy, off topic etc
6. Don't start new threads on same topic as another existing thread - use reply instead
7. Racist, sexist or homophobic or otherwise offensive comments will not be tolerated
8. No personal insults or goading of other members of ITL or anyone else.
9. You can only advertise your own site via the links section (ask a mod or admin to add this for you) or on your signature. Advertising your site via PM is not allowed, if you are caught breaching this rule, you will have your ability to send PMs removed from your ID.

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